12 Weeks of Camp Themes

Hawaiian Week
Week 1: June 22, 2020

Hawaiian Week Projects:

  • Traditional Lei
  • Pineapple Centerpiece
  • Tropical Mini Vase
  • Sea Turtle Topiary
  • Floral Crown (Haku)
  • Bonus Zoom Call Project

American Flowers Week
Week 2: June 29, 2020

American Flowers Week Projects:

  • Red, White & Blue
  • Sun Prints
  • Patriotic Wreath
  • BBQ Centerpiece
  • Garden Starter
  • Bonus Zoom Call Project
Classic Art Week Camp
Week 3: July 6, 2020

Classic Art Week Projects:

  • Hapazome (Leaf & Flower Prints)
  • Floral Jewelry
  • Hanging Florals
  • Painting Inspiration
  • Tiffany-Inspired Vase
  • Bonus Zoom call project

Garden Flowers Week
Week#4 - July 13, 2020

Garden Flower Week Projects:

  • Dyeing Fabric with Flowers
  • Painting with Flowers
  • Garden Basket
  • Garlands with Florals
  • Botanic Vase
  • BONUS: Botanic Picture Frame
Gamers Week
Week 5: July 20, 2020

Gamer Week for Minecrafters Projects:

  • Tulips in a Row
  • Obsidian Blocks
  • Diamond Vase
  • Treasure Chest
  • Meadow
  • Bonus: Botanic Minecraft Sword

Ice Queen Week Camp
Week 6: July 27, 2020

Ice Queen for Frozen Fans Week Projects:

  • Glowing Flower Wands
  • Frosty Flowers
  • Floral Crowns
  • Do You want to Build a Snowman?
  • Take my Heart
  • Bonus: Troll Crystals

Six More Weeks to Come!!!

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Summer Camp in a Box and Online!

More Weeks to Come in 2020

There are more weeks to come in 2020. Here are upcoming themed Living Art Camp — Online instruction with optional flowers weeks to come:

Gamer Week: Inspired by Minecraft

Wizard Week: For Harry Potter Fans

Succulent Week: For Cacti Friends

Beach Week: Who Doesn’t Love Sandy Shores?

Outer Space: May the Force Be with All of Us

Animal Lovers: We Love Animals and Flowers

Building Bricks: For Lego Fans

- And more.…

Remember, each week theme includes five projects that all have aspects of STEAM and the theme for the week.

The emphasis of each camp will be on the Art of Floral Design, but this study requires all aspects of science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

  • Science of Dying Flowers Different Colors
  • Art of How to Choose Fresh Flowers
  • Science of How to Keep Flowers Fresh
  • Making a Flower Bouquet to Send a Message
  • We work as a Team to Engineer a Structure and Attach Flowers
  • Use Math to Make a profit with Fundraising Flowers
  • Explore the Science of Dying Fabric with Flowers & Organic Materials like Seed Pits
  • Artistic Jewelry Boxes & Treasure Chests
  • How we Use Technology in the Floral Business
  • Engineering Techniques in Floral Design

STEAM Art Camp

Price Options: Three Options for Campers

Choose from 3 price points starting at $35.

Each Weekly Camp has Three Price Points with Supplies Options:

$125 - Full Experience Digital Camp (Southern California area only)

Price point includes:

  • fresh flowers (curbside pickup in Torrance, Calif.)
  • supplies box
  • recorded online lessons
  • bonus lesson and live Zoom conference with instructors

$55 - Digital Camp & Tools and Supplies

Price point includes:

  • supplies box mailed to you (throughout U.S.)
  • recorded online lessons
  • bonus lesson and live Zoom conference with instructors

$35 - Digital Camp Lessons Only (for anyone...anytime)

Price point includes:

  • recorded online lessons
  • bonus lesson and live Zoom conference with instructors during LIVE Week of camp