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Caribbean Flowers:

Class goes live July 24, 2021

"Travel" with Casey and Kit to the tropical islands of the Caribbean and learn about floral design traditions!

What you'll receive in this course:

  • Supplies sheet you can download so you know what to buy to make this design.
  • Tropical eBook
  • Fun stories about Casey's years in the Caribbean arranging flowers on cruise ships!
  • Step-by-Step videos so you won't ever get lost!

Hi, I’m Casey

I am a professional floral designer and co-owner of a full-service floral design studio based in Los Angeles.

My sister and I founded Flower Duet in 1999 to help "take the mystery out of flower arranging." We started our business by teaching other people how to have fun with flowers...and we've never stopped.

We are so happy we can share this skill with people from all over the world - like you!

Thanks for learning something new with us!

Casey Coleman Schwartz of Flower Duet in a Garden

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