We call this technique "Chop & Drop" but there is a little bit more to it than that.

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  • Downloadable supplies list
  • Instruction Video on how we designed this piece
  • Another helpful floam-free design
  • Extra bonus lecture on Tulips!

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Casey Coleman Schwartz of Flower Duet

Hi, I’m Casey

I've been inspired by flowers my whole life through our parents’ beautiful gardens and love of all types of flowers and plants. After I graduated from Ohio University with a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management, I achieved my goal to work on cruise ships and to chase summer around the globe.

I started my floral design career on a luxury cruise ship called The Sea Goddess I, part of the legendary Cunard lines. It was one of my early jobs on the ship to create and maintain the live floral designs on the ship for 7–10 days and to buy flowers from vendors at port cities around the world in multiple languages and currencies.

After acting as Chief Purser for six years on the ship and fulfilling my dream of following summer around the globe, this California native settled down in Los Angeles to be close to my brother and sister.

I love all flowers and all types of design.

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